Sunday, June 2, 2013

Being Overweight Can Cause Your Chronic Pain Symptoms to Increase

WomanLast year I was laid off from work due to my chronic low back pain, I was disappointed that I could no longer do my job but something had to change.  I was tough and worked through my pain for a long time and early last year pain was starting to increase when I was doing certain tasks at work.  I decided I wasn't doing myself any favors by continuing to do the things that were causing me additional pain.  It has been a hard road since I was laid off from work and I have had to make a bunch of adjustments so that I follow my doctors restrictions at home.  This hasn't been easy, I have always been fairly active and loved doing many things that I can no longer do.  I had to take the time to grieve the things that I could no longer do.

Disclosure:  This post is for informational purposes only.  The opinions reflected in this post are my own and based upon my own experiences.

As I have switched from an active lifestyle to sedentary lifestyle, I have noticed that I am continually adding a pound here or there since I stopped working.  Doctors urge you to watch your weight and I realize that the more weight that I have to carry around and support, the harder my joints have to work.  The harder my joints have to work the more pain I tend to feel.  So in light of my weight gain, I am making a commitment to try and do what I can to keep additional pounds from creeping onto my waistline.

This commitment is going to be difficult since I am very limited to the type of exercise that I can do without causing any additional pain.  In the past, I have tried walking on the treadmill and riding a stationary recumbent bike.  However, using these exercise tools in the comfort of my home have caused me to have additional pain.  The bike tends to be a bit easier than the treadmill, since I can sit down while exercising but a few months ago I noticed that it was making my upper thighs and hips hurt more.  

So this leaves me with one option basically, I am going to have to watch what I eat.  Once, again I am going to attempt to use myfitnesspal, to track my calories and to help me be thoughtful of the type of food that I am putting into my mouth.  I love this mobile application because it not only tracks your calories but it can help you determine how many calories you need a day based upon your height, current weight, and how much weight you want to lose.  The app also allows you to connect with like minded people who are trying to lose weight and they even have support groups.  

I started this new journey on June 1st and I hope that I don't fall off the bandwagon like I did earlier this year.  I am currently seeking to drop a few pounds and attempt to eat healthier.  

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