Friday, April 5, 2013

Chronic Pain Sufferers: Does Pain or Insomnia Keep You Awake At Night?

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This Is What I Do At Night
When I Can't Sleep
Sleep is probably my biggest challenge the last few months as I struggle with constant low back/hip pain.  I find it very difficult to sleep at night and find myself wide awake.  I wish that I could be normal and snuggle with my husband when he goes to sleep at night.  But instead I find myself wide awake, in pain, and tossing and turning just to find a comfortable position so that I can lay quietly next to him.  After talking to a few other chronic pain sufferers, it seems like painsomnia (pain and insomnia) is the norm for those who suffer from any type of chronic pain.  At the end of the day your body is fatigued; therefore, your body's defense mechanisms are exhausted causing you to feel more pain.  This is what makes it difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep in and even stay asleep.

Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes only.  If you suffer from insomnia and chronic pain, please consult your doctor, health care provider, or pain management doctor.  This information is based upon my own experiences with chronic pain and insomnia. 

Instead, I find myself lying awake part of the night.  I usually end up playing games, tweeting, or reading while I listen to my husband snore.  I have tried taking my pain medicine at different times during the evening, hoping that it would help me get to sleep at a normal hour.  No matter what I do, I find myself awake until midnight or later.

The next morning, I wake up and get my kids ready for school.  After I drop off my oldest son at school, I come home and take my morning pain medicine.  It seems as if it works within the first thirty minutes after taking it.  I barely can keep my eyes open and find myself asleep in the bed for several hours.  It seems that I can sleep much better during the day, I dunno if it is because my body is exhausted and needs sleep at this point or that it is warmer outside.

I just wish I could be normal and sleep at night.  I don't like laying in bed tossing and turning, hoping that I can get comfortable enough to fall asleep.  The insomnia is no fun and it takes a toll on everyone around you.    So if you find yourself on this page, join me on twitter and we can chat about our insomnia together.

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