Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be Firm and Stick to Your Medical Restrictions in the Work Place
Feeling Frustrated?  You Are Not Alone
Yesterday went fairly well and I was able to get quite a bit accomplished from my recliner while keeping the heating pad against my back.  I was able to get several posts written yesterday, which I normally just write a new post for each one of my blogs a day during the week.  I felt very accomplished by the end of the day that I was able to write three new posts, published them, and shared them with others.  I am currently maintaining two blogs and it is what keeps me going each and every day.  My blogs give me something to focus on and help me take my mind off myself.  This keeps me from throwing a pity party and drowning myself in sorrow.  My goal each and every day is to help others through my work.

Disclosure: This post is for informational purposes only and are based on my own opinions and feelings.  The situations in this post are my own and how I feel about them and may differ from your own opinions and feelings.  If you have any questions about your medical restrictions, contact your doctor immediately for clarification.

While I was writing yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call from the job placement company that is supposed to be helping me look for a job that fits my restrictions.  My restrictions are fairly strict and it seemed as if the person calling me to tell me about a job lead didn't pay attention to my restrictions.  I went to my own doctor and a state paid doctor to get specific restrictions and instructions so that I don't harm myself or cause myself any additional pain.  It is very annoying when I feel that someone else thinks a particular job is a perfect fit without looking and thinking about my restrictions and the duties that I would have to perform each day.

When I am blogging, I sit in a recliner or on my bed, depending on how I am feeling that particular day.  Some days even the recliner isn't very comfortable; however, I push through my pain because I know that I have the opportunity to help someone else with my work.  In an office setting, there is absolutely no way that I can sit in a hard chair (which the state said they would find me a comfy chair) for 8 hours a day without taking frequent breaks.  

Many people see my doctors restriction of 10 lbs, not a huge deal.  However, in an office environment sometimes you have to do several repetitive motions in order to complete a task.  Yes, the items are under the 10 lb limit; however, as you do repetitive motions your muscles become easily fatigued.  Once your muscles are fatigued you are at risk for further injuries according to EMedicineHealth.  So my own personal doctor set my restrictions so that I can't do more than 3 repetitive movements in a 10 minute period and no more than 10 repetitive motions in a full hour.

So when I try describing this theory to other people, they just don't seem to get it because they are so focused on the 10 lb weight restriction.  They don't understand if I overdo things, my pain increases and my upper back muscles typically begin to spasm and burn.  This isn't fun and it makes me feel pretty grumpy.  

I often get asked if my back will get better or if it will fully heal?  The answer to this question is fairly complicated but I will explain it the best that I can.  I have been told by one doctor that surgery would give me 50-60% chance of relief and if it doesn't relieve my pain that it could actually get worse.  So I am pretty hesitant at this time to have surgery unless I start getting nerve pain or numbness.  Then another doctor told me that my back is in operable, which make my current condition permanent.  Over time I am pretty positive that my back will continually get worse and that I will need devices to assist me to get around.  

As a fairly young person, this news is devastating.  I manage the best I can and often over do things just to be able to spend time doing things with my husband and watching my own children grow up.    

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